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"Czech paganfolk band Deloraine releases a video for the song Ragnarok (Twilight of the Gods). It is a Viking prophecy about the end of the world. The narrative footage was shot in Norway last autumn."

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"Czech pagan and fantasy folk band Deloraine releases a new music video "Lughnasad", in which they refer to the ancient history of the Celts in the Czech territory. The band will be performing live across Europe next year."


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"Heart of Stone" is broader in theme, but still moves in the waters of fantasy or mythology. Even more than its lyrics, this album impresses with its sophisticated musical component. The latter is more than generous in terms of colour, especially thanks to the multi-instrumental skills of the band leader and his penchant for exotic instruments..."

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"Swallow is an atmospheric invitation into the familiar world of the silver-haired monster slayer, enchanting and immersing you in such a way that you'll be humming individual songs long after you've listened to the album, but also happily inviting yourself to read the book The Witcher or play games."



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Review of "Heart of Stone" on Metal Forever 9,5/10


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